The Bikeriders

96 Pages, Case, 48 B&W gravure reproductions. Twin Palms, 1997. Aperture will release a facsimile of the original in the spring of 2014.

This is the better quality, improved, uncropped reproductions of the 1968 classic originally published by Macmillan and sold for $2.95 in paperback in 1968. Lyon's first book of pictures and text, a seminal work and the second book ever to use a tape recorded text and probably the first of the single subject, American subculture books to appear, soon to be followed by an avalanche we are still being buried under.

"The best of the pictures were taken on the road, with Lyon astride his full-bore Triumph, and were said to be the visual inspiration for Easy Rider." Andy Grundberg, British Vogue Nov. 1992

Available directly from Twin Palms, Post Office Box 10229, Sante Fe, New Mexico, 87505, 800-797-0680 ( The original Bikeriders is out of print and only available on the rare book market.