I Like to Eat
Right on the Dirt

11 by 14 oblong spiral bound, B&W with color, first edition.

This the Lyon "family" album, his first extensive publication of family photographs presented as a fictionalized journey of his two sons, Raphe and Noah, back in space and time (the chronological sequence of the photographs is backwards). Dirt is the aesthetic precursor to "Knave of Hearts", done ten years earlier. This is the first edition.

"Now in Danny Lyon's latest photo text, we have a family album that is meant to be published for strangers . . . There is for me in Lyon's work a magic that consists of fierce love; fear and trembling and knowledge of death; family romance; irony; and respect for light, spirit, and the ancestors. Many of these photographs are visited by magic."
J. Ron Green, AFTERIMAGE, Feb. 1990

"It is difficult difficult to recall a Sally Mann image (of her children) informed by humor or joy. I wish that her considerable talents as a technician and stylist were matched by a generous heart. In 1989, the documentary photographer Danny Lyon produced "I Like to Eat Right on the Dirt," an album of family pictures. Lyon's work is awkward, tentative and non invasive. Here, in text and pictures, the children truly dominate and they are our better selves. I hope this work will be the one that endures."
Yvonne Barber Libonati, Philadelphia, New York Times Magazine
letters, Oct. 18, 1992

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