Memories of the Southern
Civil Rights Movement

Forward by Julian Bond, 192 pages, with duotones and documents throughout. University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, Center for Documentary Studies, 1992.

"Thank you for giving me Danny Lyon's incredibly moving account of the civil rights movement." Sincerely Bill Clinton (1992 letter to Julian Bond).

"Lyon was the Robert Capa of the Movement. Many of his pictures remain the stock images of the period.....In "Memories of the Southern Civil Rights Movement," there are not only the famous pictures but Lyon's text, including many important documents......Much of their outstanding achievement has been forgotten. Perhaps Danny Lyon's fine book can help to bring their accomplishment into the mainstream history of the 1960's."
Joseph Schwartz, London Times Literary Supplement, March 1993

"Danny Lyon's self-described propaganda became journalism, then poster art and now history; the photographer himself -- like Matthew Brady, whom he admired -- has become a historian with a camera."
Robin Reisig, The New York Times Book Review, Feb. 1993

This book is out of print in case, and available in soft cover directly from the University of North Carolina Press, 1-800-848-6224. Or navigate to Twin Palms.