Trading With The Enemy

In March and April of 2002 Nancy and Danny Lyon made two trips to Cuba. Inside Cuba, which is Communist dictatorship, the couple traveled freely, and Lyon photographed whatever he wanted without interference from soldiers or police. The first trip was through Cancun, where the Lyons caught the 8:30 PM Aero Mexico flight to Havana. The second trip was via Toronto where there is a weekly flight to Santiago de Cuba. On their return, upon entering the United States Customs area in Toronto, for their flight back from Toronto to Albany, New York, they were extensively questioned by a number of United States Customs Agents. When they admitted that they had gone to Cuba to make photographs, their passports were confiscated, then returned, and they were told they would be charged with violating the Trading with the Enemy act. It is illegal for American citizens to spend money in Cuba, which has been under an embargo from our country for forty years. Every other country in the world trades with Cuba. It is believed that last year over one hundred thousands Americans traveled to Cuba illegally.