“I will not vote one penny for that war”

Yesterday I was speaking with Congressman John Lewis of Georgia by phone, mostly personal talk. Then I said;
“How do you feel about what we are doing in Afghanistan?”
And  my old friend answered,
“I will not vote one penny for that war”.
How many other members of congress are non-violent?
Why doesn’t the media do more stories about them?

Will we ever have a President that says “War is Insanity”.
There have been important members of our past governments have said that. William Jennings Bryant failed to become president, though he tried three times. Woodrow Wilson made Bryant Secretary of State. Like Congressman Lewis, Bryant was non-violent. When Bryant was in Wilson’s cabinet and he saw our neutral government taking sides during WWI, first he objected, then he resigned.

Like Obama, Woodrow Wilson was from a university and made wonderful speeches. Woodrow Wilson was against war. Then Germany, began to sink ships with their U-boats, and American lives were lost. Our news papers enflamed the public. Theodore Roosevelt said we had to stand up for America!

So despite all his promises to the contrary Woodrow Wilson called for War and everyone went crazy waving flags, and the United States entered World War One. Germany lost, and that created World War Two.

3,000 people were murdered on September eleven, and we started two wars. Recently we have come close to losing two airlines and more lives. So what do we do? How many of us think that if we lose some more people in attacks on our planes, or inside our country we should start another war? How about World War Three?

Every branch of the media is obsessed with stories about what happened on
one plane, and not a single part of the media tells us the history of World War One, and how the U.S. made it worse, and that we did it because a few hundred citizens died in boats that were legitimate targets of war to Germany.

Ten Million people died in WW One.
Ninety Million died in WW Two.
Lets us pray that Obama, is a stepping stone into the future. That the person to follow him into office will say “War is Insanity” and we will vote him, or her, into office.

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