“Kill The Koch Brothers” a grade school play

Soon to be published in the Albuquerque Free Press

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“Kill The Koch Brothers”
a grade school play

This blog is posted in honor of the United Nations Summit on climate change in Lima, Peru.

I was seated in the front row of the theater at the Lab School of the University of Chicago anxiously awaiting the start of the Thanksgiving play when I was horrified to see printed on the cover of the program the title ““Kill the Koch Brothers” by Ava Lyon” my ten year old granddaughter.

“Stop the play!” I shouted leaping from my seat. The chorus, a line of nine year olds, stared down at me from the stage.
“You cannot do this!” I yelled.
“Why not?” answered a child, the shortest in the line.
“Why not? Why not?” echoed the chorus. I must say they looked pretty cute standing there chanting.
“Because it is incendiary,” I answered.
“It’s a satire,” answered Mrs. Weinberg, the drama…

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