Danny Lyon lecture on Hugh Edwards at the Art Institute of Chicago

On Oct 19, at the Art Institute of Chicago, Lyon’s daughter, Gabrielle Lyon will deliver the Hugh Edward’s lecture. Written in his cabin in the Maine woods, Lyon recounts his meeting with Edwards at age twenty and the huge influence the great curator had on The Bikeriders (dedicated to Edwards) and all Lyon’s early years as photographer.


One Response to “Danny Lyon lecture on Hugh Edwards at the Art Institute of Chicago”
  1. Cody Edison says:

    Hi Danny,

    I attended the lecture the Art Institute had at the museum last night, and it was wonderful. Your daughter Gabrielle was a wonderful speaker. I loved how she helped the audience be right there with you during the different times mentioned. Although it would have been amazing to hear you speak and hear you reminisce about the time you and Hugh spent together and the times you were out there shooting, not know where your path was taking you, it was still a great lecture. Hearing your word though the notes Gabrielle read from was still enough to help me understand your time in place.

    I’m saddened that the Art Institute of Chicago didn’t bring ” Message to the Future” to the museum. I am happy I got to see it ant the Whitney. I made a special trip to New York to see it and I was not disappointed. I spent my entire visit in the gallery watching all your movies and listening to all the audio. You truly are amazing artist.

    Wilfed Barraza

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