Fires rage in Southern California



Kim Stringfellow is an environmentalist, photographer, a Guggenheim  Fellow  and creator of Kim teaches in San Diego and wrote this driving home last night,


“I got home late. Commute was fine but very surreal as I drove through the fire corridor with the hillside illuminated with these many small fires like some weird Shinto prayer offerings floating in the darkness. I could see the deceptively beautiful larger fires illuminating the valley to the west that leads over to Oceanside and felt particularly helpless considering all of frightened animals displaced from their safe nighttime resting places. On the news at least 10 thoroughbreds died at a training facility but they transported more than 100 out. This is nothing compared to Ventura & Ojai or even Santa Rosa & Napa. What gets me is those not directly affected like myself will just return to our day to day lives tomorrow. But this is not normal. Houston, Puerto Rico, etc etc are ominous signs. Yes, the Christians got it right—the Rapture is coming soon enough but they missed the mark in terms of who is bringing it on or what it entails. It is not God, Allah, Christ, Yahweh, Lucifer, Buddha or any of the other names us simple humans use for Him/Her—in the end it is just us and we are too ignorant and caught up in ourselves and selfish little lives to realize this. Right now I can care less about groping Senators and all the other bullshit that is keeping the people of this planet 🌎 from dealing with the mess we are making of this Eden because damn it there ain’t no fucking heaven up there and no one is getting a free ride out.

Anyhow, I figure you’d understand what I’m getting at. We really need to get the asshole and his cronies out of the now tainted White House so important work can be done. I guess by any means possible at this point.

I wish you, Nancy and the rest your family a safe and warm holiday.

Love, Kim Stringfellow”







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