March for our Lives. Turn on your TV now

If you’re not watching turn it on now. March for our Lives. Today. Right now.
The greatest march since the 1963 March on Washington. Children. Teen agers.
An eleven year old at the podium. What speakers they are. Have a good cry.
“I just spoke on international television and it feels great!” There are no divisions here. No identity politics. No races. No sexes. Only children. Only children that have watched their friends, their brothers die and sisters die, murdered at their side. Its on MSNBC. It’s streaming and its in every
every large city in America.
When you watch these kids, hugging, crying, laughing chanting, as you understand that there is a special language among them, a great spiritual strength, a sense of victory, a victory born of the blood of their comrades, you get the first glimpse I’ve ever seen of exactly what it was like fifty five years ago in the deep south, when a generation of children rose and overthrew Jim Crow.

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