Journey West - Cover

Journey West – $65 hardback, signed / $45 softback, signed

The story of Lyon’s move from New York to the West, his lifetime of work in a small New Mexican town, his involvement with the border, immigration, climate disaster and the landscape of the great American desert.

175 full plate photographs, B&W and color with texts by Josie Lopez, Darryl Lorenzo Wellington, and Rebecca Bengal on Lyon’s photography, films, and work in the SNCC. Magnificently reproduced by Brilliant Press. This is the first edition, printed in a limited quantity.

Note: Books will ship in mid-April

Message to the Future - Cover

Message to the Future – $65, signed

No international sales

This is the first edition, 288 page Ten by Twelve-inch catalogue of Lyon’s retrospective catalogue beautifully produced by the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco. Authored by Julian Cox, with an essay by Elizabeth Sussman, and exhibited at the Whitney Museum of American Art in 2016. This book features the finest reproductions of Lyon’s vintage photographs from the 1960’s and 70’s. A gorgeous book of montages, and family albums.

Memories of the Southern Civil Rights Movement$70, signed

No international sales

Twin Palms 1990 Twin Palms edition, hard cover, 196 pages. Designed by Danny Lyon and Guy Russell and published by Jack Woody. Includes hundreds of Lyon’s photographs made in the deep south when he was the SNCC staff photographer, 1962-1964. Includes an introduction from Julian Bond and an afterward from Congressman John Lewis.

“In the annals of social movements, it’s hard to think of any single photographer who has so indelibly stamped an uprising with pictures — pictures that come to be accepted as definitive or representative
of the thing in itself.”
– Todd Gitlin, Los Angeles Times Review of Books

knave - cover

Knave of Hearts $150

1999 first edition, mint condition. 148 pages. Fifty nine full page color and B&W photo montages printed beautifully on heavy stock. Gorgeously produced by Jack Woody’s Twin Palms Publishers. A widely imitated memoir illustrated with the montages later shown at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Available for purchase from Twin Palms Publishers

Dirt Book - cover

I Like to Eat Right on the Dirt $60, signed

No international sales

“A child’s journey back in space and time.” 48 pages of photographs and montages in B&W duotone and color. Rare original first edition printed in 1989, mint condition, inscribed and signed. This is the ultimate family album an inspiration to any one that collects family pictures, polaroids, and carte de visites. A real treat for the kids.

American Blood – $45, inscribed and signed

No international sales

This is the brand new 400 page collection of Lyon’s nonfiction essays and writings going back to the 1960’s. Edited by Randy Kennedy, American Blood has twelve pages of beautiful reproduced four color reproductions, many never seen before. Includes fifty seven pages with black and white photographs, diaries and documents from his career alongside accompanying essays.

Note: A special collector’s edition with a small signed color print is available ONLY directly from Karma Books in NYC. The version for sale here does not come with a print.

Indian Nations – $70, signed

No international sales

VERY few available. Tritone separations from Black and White Polaroid Negative Originals. Gorgeous reproductions of Lyon’s work in New Mexico, Arizona, Montana and the Dakotas on 118 pages of chlorine free 200 gram Hello High silk. Printed in the Netherlands in 2002 by Twin Palms, Santa Fe.

The Paper Negative – SOLD OUT

No international sales, no dealers

The Paper Negative, mint condition copies. Rare. Bleak Beauty’s first publication made in 1980 with Guy Russell and Carl Sesto, both RISDI graduates and innovators in duotone and design. Sixty four pages with B&W and 4 color decorated prints throughout. The long text introduces Christopher Leonne, photographer in Mexico, Colombia and the Rio Grande Valley. Lyon’s first long illustrated text.

The Destruction of Lower Manhattan (SPANISH VERSION) $49, signed and inscribed
(Text, captions and covers in Spanish)

No international sales

Identical to the English edition released by Aperture in the US, currently sold out by Bleak Beauty. Printed in Spain in conjunction with the Museo ICO exhibition in Madrid of the entire Destruction of Lower Manhattan series. This is a gorgeous book, with originals that are superior to the 1969 Macmillan edition. We have a very limited number of these books for sale.

The Destruction of Lower ManhattanSOLD OUT

No international sales

This is the gorgeous new facsimile copy of the 1968 edition. Printed in Madrid by Aperture in conjunction with the recent exhibition. Very few copies available. This is a great book, one of the classics from the 1960’s. Signed and inscribed. $55.00 including S&H.


The Story of Sam – $25, signed

No international sales

Based on Kafka’s “Report to the Academy” The Story of Sam was written by an Australian Shepard that lived his life in the Hudson Valley of New York State, but died at the edge of a highway in Sandoval County, New Mexico.

Heavily illustrated with SX 70’s, Polaroid’s and album photos of Sam and Lily, his Brittany Spaniel confidant, Sam’s ability to write was so highly regarded that he was posthumously voted into the Academy of Arts and Sciences.

The site of his death along highway 528 has long been considered a shrine for lovers of dogs and photo-literature. This beautiful printed edition, limited to one thousand copies is exclusively available from Bleak Beauty.

Burn Zone Cover

Burn Zone – $30, limited copies left

No international sales

A Cri de coeur directed at the artist community and our youth, asking them to join the fight to save planet Earth.
Available to read free online in PDF form here.

Danny Lyon - Like a Thief's Dream

Like a Thief’s Dream – $25, signed

No international sales

“I do not know of a book that cuts into and reveals the prison system and the subtle strange fates and characters of the guys. Not Mailer or Capote. Like your pictures you have a way of just letting the reality do the talking eloquently.” – Peter de Lissovoy

The amazing story of the bank robber and convicted murderer Jimmy Ray Renton and his escape from the Arkansas State Prison.

Non-fiction. 190 pages with sixteen pages of photographs.

Deep Sea Diver – $200 from Phaidon

An American Photographer’s Journey in Shanxi, China (Limited Edition), A facsimile travel journal and photobook of photographer Danny Lyon’s unique experience in a disappearing China.

Memories of MyselfOut of print

Essays by Danny Lyon, Compelling photo-essays from a remarkable career.