Little Boy


Little Boy

Danny Lyon
Bleak Beauty Video

Little Boy, 1977, New Mexico, color, 54 minutes named for the atomic bomb built in New Mexico and dropped on Hiroshima, Lyon’s picture of present day New Mexico — a look beneath the Sunbelt.

“Little Boy is a powerful and moving film depicting the harsh realities of Indian and Chicano life in New Mexico.”
John Redhouse, Coalition of Navajo Liberation

“Little Boy is a kind of grand summa, Lyon’s epic view of America focused through the lens of contemporary New Mexico. Its bleak, man-made environment is superimposed uneasily on a harsh, unforgiving landscape, and explosively charges with clashing subcultures. . . robust, pulsating with energy, but also clouded by a kind of doomed fatality. . .”
Thomas Albright, San Francisco Chronicle

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Little Boy
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