Media Man


Media Man

Danny Lyon and Nancy Lyon
Bleak Beauty Video

1994, New York, Mississippi, and New Mexico, color and B&W, 60 minutes. Bleak Beauty’s answer to CNN, NBC, and all things false and electronic. In which the filmmakers age 5 years in the production. Media Man begins in the filmmaker’s garden where Danny Lyon is growing “blemish free tomatoes” in the expectations of Jesse Helms, or “someone from the NEA” coming to dinner. Then smashing a large rotten pumpkin, Lyon announces that he is making “a film about America. The good America.” Then all hell breaks loose.

“Subtle, funny, quirky”
Jan-Christopher Horak, Senior Curator, G.E.H

“Danny and Nancy Lyon’s ‘Media Man’ is a documentary in search of the truth. . . totally honest and very funny.”
Phillip Brockman, Currator of Media Arts, The Concoran Gallery of Art

“A truly great film.”
James Enyeart, Director, George Eastman House

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Media Man
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