Soc. Sci. 127


Soc. Sci. 127

Danny Lyon
Bleak Beauty Video

Soc. Sci. 127, 1969, Houston, color and b&w, 21 minutes a comedy — Danny Lyon’s first film. Starring the late great Bill Sanders and his “painless” tattoo shop.

“The film is bumpy, ragged around the edges, but with a tremendous vitality and sense of verite, even though you know the tattoo artist is conscious of being filmed; it is a fantastic demonstration of the surrealism inherent in the reality it portrays.”
Thomas Albright, San Francisco Chronicle

“Mr. Lyon’s fondness for bizarre images is balanced by a kind of solemn respect for his subjects. This is particularly true in “Soc. Sci. 127″, about an eccentric, hard-drinking tattoo artist named Bill Sanders who, while he works, rambles on about Vietnam, lesbians, and the art of what he advertises as ‘velvety tattoos’.”
Vincent Canby, The New York Times

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Soc. Sci. 127
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