El Otro Lado


El Otro Lado

Danny Lyon
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El Otro Lado, 1978, Mexico & Arizona, color, 60 minutes [The Other Side], Spanish with English subtitles, an honest film infused with poignant beauty, without political rhetoric.

“Lyon’s images are simple and direct. These men do what they have to do in order to survive. And they do it with remarkable spirit and optimism. Nowhere is this more evident than when the men are making music. They look strong, proud, and momentarily free.”
Nancy Legge, The Villager

“The songs sung throughout the film convey the worker’s optimism and strenght in their spirit. In the corridos of the orchard, they sing with great humor of their ridiculous situation: ‘Our problem could easily be solved. Give each of us a gringita, then we can immigrate. As soon as we have a green card we can be divorced.”
Danny Lyon

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El Otro Lado
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