Guy Russell – Returning to Dust

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust: The Pictures of Guy Russell
Painter, early photo gallery owner, book Designer, Guy Russell’s work is part of the origin story of Bleak Beauty. When Addison House went bankrupt, and the publication of The Paper Negative (1980) was halted, Guy, then the production manager of Addison House said “why don’t you publish it yourself”; and Bleak Beauty was born. Guy designed and produced The Paper Negative , the first Bleak Beauty imprint. He then went on to partner with Danny Lyon in designing and producing Merci Gonaïves (1988), I Like to Eat Right on the Dirt (1989, still in print and on sale here), Memories Of the Southern Civil Rights Movement (1992, in print and re-issued by Twin Palms in Santa Fe), and Knave of Hearts (1999, in print from Twin Palms, Santa Fe.) A consummate artist in every field he works in, look at the perfection he brings to these pictures, all made within walking distance of his New England home and studio. Guy calls the series “Returning to Dust” .

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