Five Days

Five Days

Danny Lyon
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On the last days of August, 2004 and the first days of September, New York City experienced the largest non-violent demonstrations directed against a political convention in American history. NYPD listed 120 separate protests. 1821 people were arrested. On a single day, half a million persons marched up Eighth Avenue towards the Republican National Convention in Madison Square Garden. Almost none of these protests reached the American people or the world via television.

FIVE DAYS is a documentary shot on DV by photographer Danny Lyon assisted by his twenty year old daughter Rebecca Lyon and edited by Anne Barliant, with audio mix by Jason Martin, in Kingston, New York.The 60 minute documentary, was filmed, and edited in twenty one days, and was broadcast on FreeSpeech-TV Net Work, where it had the potential to reach eight million viewers on Monday Nov. 1st the day before the election and on Tuesday, Nov. 2nd., Election Day. For a work of cinematic art and history, to be created and reach the public in a matter of weeks, is an event in itself. It is also another example of individuals, and small groups of people, working on their own and without corporate funding, or any funding for that matter, replacing the traditional media as a source of truth and news.

Five Days is full of music and features the dramatic appearance of the Infernal Noise Brigade from Seattle at the historic Fox New Protest on 6th Avenue. Later the entire band was arrested. Five Days is a testament to real democracy in action and an homage to New York City.

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Five Days
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