From New Mexico — Cambio means Change

Cambio means change — nickels and dimes for dollars, or centavos for pesos.  Change happens slowly.  Change is hard to see.  Young people make change, but old people recognize it first.  That is because old people remember the past.

The way to change Amerika is to change the Media.  Today on the radio here in Albuquerque I heard a show that gave me hope. It was about immigrants from Mexico and what they go through to reach America. It was the story of teenagers told by teenagers. All the activities they described were illegal.   These stories were told with pride on a show that was entirely from the side of the immigrants, all illegals. This was not sympathy. These was the people themselves, speaking as if they had triumphed in the high school football game and marched in a band on Columbus Day, only they were illegally entering the United States, working with coyotes (criminals) in order to outwit the United States Border Patrol.

Once health care is passed the new administration will tackle immigration reform, and in the process many millions of illegal immigrants in the United States, most of whom are Mexicans, will receive papers, and step out of the shadows. This is at it should be. The last time this was done was in the 1980’s under Ronald Ragan.

The reasons that will happen is because of shows like this. Because the media has changed.  And the media has changed because we have changed.  It takes a long time. It can take your life time. But that is how change happens.

If you want to change the world, first change yourself, then change the media.

New Mexico, December 24, 2009

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