Time will Tell, Part Two

Atlanta is an historic town. Sherman burned it  before he began his march to the sea. Gardner photographed the ruins, still smoking. In New York the General’s  gilded statue sits astride his gilded horse on 58th street at Central Park. Today, as you enter the city at the Atlanta airport, there  are large photographs on … Continue reading

Time will Tell, Part One

“There is a new world being formed, we just don’t know what it is yet.” Vaclav Havel published this idea quite a few years  ago. Can we see it now? Is it here? Do blogs replace literature? Would a young Faulkner write a zine? Will there and should there ever be another Faulkner like presence … Continue reading

Where goes the Empire now?

Its interesting to speculate about what the Empire will look like under President Obama. Last year talking with a friend, a former Attorney General of the State of New Mexico, we described Amerika as a great ocean liner, going through the ocean. “And its going over the edge of the earth, right?” I said as … Continue reading

Jean-Jacques Rousseau on the Land of the Free

In the May 29th, New York Review of Books, there is a long piece based on a book by Anthony Lewis “Americans are freer to think what we will and say what we think than another other people.” Perhaps, but as Rousseau would know, we are not free. (I am reading Jean-Jacques Rousseau – Restless … Continue reading

Its good to be alive in Obama time

This is a wonderful moment to be alive in Amerika. I say this after sixty years or so of watching elections. I recall going to sleep in 1948 after repeating ad nauseum “Doodie on Dewey”, only see my youthful dreams (I was six) come true! Harry Truman was elected President. It was only later in … Continue reading