Proud Daddy

My daughter, Gabrielle Lyon is Executive Director of Project Exploration which is located in Chicago. She created the organization along with her husband Dr. Paul Sereno in order to radically change how science is taught to young people. Much of Project X’s work involves working with inner city children, some of whom they take to … Continue reading

Walter Cronkite RIP

Recently there was a ceremony to honor Walter Cronkite, who has passed away. “Everyone” was there, including our President Obama. Obama? What was he doing there? Walter is held up as an example for all journalists. I must have missed something. By the nineteen seventies, as I tried to understand what was happening to our … Continue reading

President Obama — SNCC’s Victory

Victory, after forty six years. This happened last night. This is for the children. It is for the grand children.  This is the victory of the Movement. This is the victory of SNCC. What were they fighting for? Not just integration. Not even justice and the right to vote. They did not use the word … Continue reading

Its good to be alive in Obama time

This is a wonderful moment to be alive in Amerika. I say this after sixty years or so of watching elections. I recall going to sleep in 1948 after repeating ad nauseum “Doodie on Dewey”, only see my youthful dreams (I was six) come true! Harry Truman was elected President. It was only later in … Continue reading