Danny Lyon – Like A Thief’s Dream, signed copies for sale

Danny Lyon - Like A Thief's Dream

Danny Lyon – Like A Thief’s Dream

“I do not know of a book that cuts into and reveals the prison system and the subtle strange fates and characters of the guys. Not Mailer or Capote. Like your pictures you have a way of just letting the reality do the talking eloquently. “ Peter di Lissovoy

“Like a Thief’s Dream”

The amazing story of the bank robber and convicted murderer

Jimmy Ray Renton and his escape from the Arkansas State Prison.

Non-fiction. 190 pages with sixteen pages of photographs.

$29.00 including shipping. $39.00 Outside the United States, including shipping.

Ask for a signed copy.   Click on the link below to purchase the book:




5 Responses to “Danny Lyon – Like A Thief’s Dream, signed copies for sale”
  1. Natalie Fiocre says:

    Dear Mr. Lyon,
    Last week I had the pleasure to go through your prints from Haiti that are part of the MOPA’s collection (Museum of Photographic Art in San Diego, ca), that when I remembered why I started taking photographs. Your prints are so beautifully done, so much sensibility and details in the way you photograph a scene. A very gentle interaction with your subjects who are not strangers to you.
    Anyway Thank you for the great work which touched my soul.
    Natalie Fiocre

  2. Erick Gillmore says:

    Mr Lyon,

    Just finished reading your book “Like A Thief’s Dream. I read it with great interest, as Jimmy was my mom’s brother.

    My parents never really talked about Jimmy back then. Thanks for sharing another part of his life.

    Erick Gillmore

  3. Barry Thomas says:

    Thank you for making Memories of Myself. It is for me a good tough book with its essays and photos.. Some photos just kill me, like “Haitian Women Praying in the Market”, or “Leslie, Downtown Knoxville”, or Children on Ice Cream Vendor’s Box”, or….. or, etc. A conversation with Hugh Edwards is so fine. As well as his letters in Bleak Beauty.
    “Don’t talk to be about digital” either. If you don’t SEE it, you are just lost.
    Sorry, I cant email you from Bleak Beauty as I dont understand how to do it. Keep working. Best wishes, Barry Thomas

  4. Have the pic you took of me at The Walls in Huntsville here in my home office. Life is incredibly sweet on this side of those bricks.

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