Danny Lyon – Like A Thief’s Dream, signed copies for sale

“I do not know of a book that cuts into and reveals the prison system and the subtle strange fates and characters of the guys. Not Mailer or Capote. Like your pictures you have a way of just letting the reality do the talking eloquently. “ Peter di Lissovoy “Like a Thief’s Dream” The amazing … Continue reading

“The Innocent Man”

This letter was written to Dinker (Harold Davey Cassell#73885) by Helen Vanlandingham. The story of McLaughlin and Jimmy Renton’s murder of an Arkansas policeman is told in “Like a Thief’s Dream”.Copies  are available direclty from bleakbeauty.com. Dinker has just filed his last appeal. Helen is Don McLaughlin’s sister.  Dinker has been in prison for thirty … Continue reading