American Heros

Martin Luther King – Life without Parole
John Lewis – Three life sentences
Julian Bond – Thirty years, isolation unit
Malcolm X – Death
James Forman – Fifty years, Conspiracy
Diane Nash – Life
Fannie Lou Hammer – Twenty-Five years
Bradley Manning – Forty years, isolation
Edward Snowden – Death, changed to Life without Parole, Isolation
Julian Assange – International Conspirator, Death

Dr. Martin Luther King said, “The long arc of history curves towards justice”
Does it? The bad guys won the Spanish Civil War. Hitler was elected and brought on World War II. The Jewish people of Europe were effectively exterminated. American Indians, wards of the state, live on reservations, and many of them live in poverty while the United States occupies the most desirable piece of real estate on the planet.

Hitler loved the Confederacy. Many people did. The Confederacy lost the Civil War, and across the world human slavery is now “outmoded”.

Vaclav Havel wrote that a new world is forming, but we don’t know what it is yet. Congressman and former SNCC Chairman John Lewis, the descendant of slaves, has said, “War is outmoded.”  Bleak Beauty   wrote that there would be no revolution in America until there is a revolution in the media. Now there has been a revolution in the media. It’s called the Internet.

What if the civil rights movement had not occurred in 1961 and ‘62 and ‘63? What if the generation of Diane Nash, Julian Bond, and John Lewis had not been born or acted as they did? What if the civil rights movement had to take place today? The Federal Government would crush it, ruthlessly, as the southern states tried to do when it happened.  All of our  Movement “heroes” were lawbreakers. By 1963 John Lewis had been arrested forty times. Martin Luther King was arrested repeatedly. They were arrested because they broke the law. These heroes were also involved in a great conspiracy. It was called “The Movement”.

Edward Snowden has been hounded across the planet by our government.  Julian Assange has compared himself to Martin Luther King. There is no doubt that our government would put Assange in a small cell and bury him in a hole in Colorado until he is dead. Our government and our state governments treat prisoners with absolute barbarity, keeping human beings in little cement windowless boxes for years and years, some for life. They do this routinely to tens of thousands of human beings.

Julian Assange says the United States has created a “STATE WITHIN A STATE”. He is talking about the National Security State which Gore Vidal wrote about for a generation. Real people, four or five million, are members. They watch what I write and what you say or write or photograph or watch, every time you pick up that new lovely toy, your phone. This is not a novel by George Orwell. This is what we have gotten for Gettysburg, for Normandy, for Selma, for the Little Big Horn.

Julian Assange of course in not an American. He is Australian, hiding in the Ecuadorian Embassy in the United Kingdom, hiding from the American Security State. Assange is a global citizen. The American Indians were so easily conquered because they were fighting each other instead of fighting the United States. The Greeks fought each other until they were threatened (and conquered by Alexander of Macedon) and then the Romans. Only a universal threat seems to bring people to their senses. The real enemy of mankind is climate change. That is the enemy that has no prejudice and will destroy the world of black and white and tan with equal cruelty.

Hitler, elected Chancellor of Germany in a free election, proceeded to create a private army, loyal only to him. And when that was not sufficient to insure his staying in power, he created the SS. A STATE WITHIN A STATE. This did not happen under Nixon or Ronald Reagan. It is happening right now under President Obama, under Attorney General Holder, under Senator Diane Feinstein. Senator  Charles Schumer, from New York said yesterday, “Russia has stabbed us in the back”. These were  exactly the words Hitler used to blalim the Jews for Germany’s loss of WW One. Incredible. Our people.

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