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By Rebecca Bengal. Reviews of American Blood (Karma), the DLM (Aperture) and the new 75 min doc, “SNCC”

Sic semper tyrannis

“Biden just won Pennsylvania.” It was Saturday morning and I was sitting by the fire. “Get dressed,” I said. “We should go out and blow our horn.”With Nancy driving her electric Chevy Bolt, we heading towards Albuquerque.   In fifteen minutes we exited at Central Avenue.  Nancy was honking the horn.   “No one is here,” she … Continue reading

John Lewis Gone to the Angels

SNCC workers Courtland Cox,Joyce Ladner and Frank Smith with John’s casket in the Rotunda of the Capitol.The  catafalque supporting the casket of former SNCC Chairman, John Lewis was originally quickly constructed to hold President Lincoln’s coffin.

John Lewis’s Body

Who can explain the miracles of this life? John Lewis was a miracle. He was sent to us to change the country and to heal it. His soul has left his body, and his body will be moved from Troy to Montgomery to the Capitol steps so we can all be close to him, to be touched by him, to say hello, and with tears in our eyes, to say good bye.

This is an Uprising

May 31, 2020 This is an Uprising Six days after the police murder of George Floyd, recorded and presented to us all to see, protests and disturbances continue in every city in the United States. What is going on? This is an uprising. An uprising is when masses of people take the to streets to … Continue reading

The End of History

Danny Lyon April 4, 2020 BERNALILLO, NEW MEXICO—A few nights ago, I phoned my old friend, Ira Churgin. In 1961, we were ancient history students at the University of Chicago. Ira’s roommate was Bernie Sanders. In October of 1962, we all crowded into Mandel Hall to hear Professor Hans Morgenthau explain the Cuban missile crisis, … Continue reading

Sweet Are the Uses of Adversity

. We are all participating in a world that is literally destroying itself. The “party” as someone has described the last twenty years, is over. Thank god. This can save us from ourselves.

Bernie as an early civil rights activists

This piece was written by a young Turkish employee of Magnum London. During the interview he said “Bernie might be the next president of the United States.” As Biden flounders, the path opens for Bernie and the radical changes we so desperately need.

More Bernie civil rights photos found!

Originally posted on Bleak Beauty Blog:
The slander that Bernie was not a very early leader for African American civil rights got so outrageous that persons went into the archives of the University of Chicago and changed captions on Danny Lyon’s 1962 photos, claiming it was Bruce Rappaport standing in Bernie’s clothing leading the demonstration…

Bernie Sanders Leads 1962 Sit-in

Originally posted on Bleak Beauty Blog:
In 1962  I was the student photographer at the University of Chicago, making pictures for the yearbook, the Alumni Magazine and the student paper, The Maroon. By the summer of 1962 I had taken my camera  into the deep South, and become the first photographer for SNCC. In January of 1962,  at…

LAMOCA film showing On January 16, screenings of Wanderer, Nothing and Dear Mark. Lyon appears after the program via Skype to protest the removal of Mark di Suvero’s monumental sculpture, “Declaration” from its position in Venice Beach, California, where it has served as a landmark since 2001.

A Memory of Robert Frank In the NYR Daily. Written in a cabin in Maine upon hearing of Robert’s death.

Robert and Mary Frank, West 86st, summer, 1969

More on Robert Frank In a few says the NYR Daily will go live with a major piece Lyon has written as a memorial and memory of Robert Frank


Yesterday in Albuquerque and across the globe students walked out of class in the cause of saving Planet Earth.  Students marched out of school here, sometimes with their teachers, to fill a rally in a downtown park. Most had permission. Then a march to the downtown office building that housed two New Mexican Senators (both … Continue reading

Fight to save Planet Earth

The following is a letter that was sent to the New York Review of Books, a comment on an article in the Aug 15 issue regarding two new books on the ever increasing threats to Planet Earth. A sentence in a closing paragraph of Alan Weisman’s Burning Down the House (NYRBS August 15) jumped out … Continue reading

Leesburg Stockade in Georgia to have historical marker Fifty five years after I crawled up to the small stockade to photograph 14 imprisoned teenage civil rights protesters the State of Georgia will erect a highway historic marker honoring the sacrifices of the high school students. What these young girls did changed Georgia forever.

Return to Perry Utah, 1945. In the NYR Daily

“In the summer of 1944, my mother, my brother, and I took the train from New York City to Utah, where my father picked us up at the closest station, and drove us to a small farm house in Perry, Utah. Leonard would enter school there, going to the second and third grades. I, a city boy who had never known anything but an apartment on Metropolitan Avenue, with a small park and sandbox across the street, would quickly morph from a city- to a country-boy.”