The author has been locked out of his IG account! I can see it, as you can, but I can no longerpost anything on it. I cannot express a political, social or aesthetic opinion, I cannot even post a poem,its bosses, META, will not let me. And we thought corporations were powerful in the 1960’s.This … Continue reading

The Speech that was never given at the induction to the Photographer’s Hall of Fame

The following was what I was supposed to read, but never did….. “The journey that brought me here today began sixty years ago, across the river in East St Louis. It was the summer of 1962, and I was waiting for a bus to take me down the river to Cairo, Illinois.  Over my life I … Continue reading

Lyon on filmmaking

Lynsey Addario in Kiev 

Lynsey Addario’s (#lynseyaddario) Lynsey Addario’s (@lynseyaddario)    picture of dead children near Kiev is one of the  truly great war photographs. She has some competition. Gardner’s picture of a dead civil war soldier, his rifle by his side. (Garner moved the rifle and might have moved the soldier’s body too.) Capa’s death of a Spanish soldier … Continue reading

The Pictures of Guy Russell

Painter and book designer, Guy Russell’s work is part of the origin story of Bleak Beauty. See a selection of the artist’s newest work in photography, Returning to Dust, here:

SNCC Film free on Vimeo!

The 74 Minute doc “SNCC” is now free and open on Vimeo. Anyone can see it. For any college or museum or public showings please contact Bleak Beauty staffer, Cody Edison at The film was made from scanning all of Lyon’s original negatives from 1962 through 1964 made when he was the SNCC staff … Continue reading

What is the Truth? or…How the Roto Rooter Man Tried to Kill Me

Originally published in We live in a self-made adobe house and every year the line from the sink to the septic tank backs up and we need to have the Roto Rooter man come out to unclog the pipe. He kneels beneath the kitchen sink with his long electric snake, and unclogs the drain. … Continue reading

The Nation of Idiots

       Once upon a time there was a Nation of Idiots. All the Idiots, male and female, were allowed to vote. Everyone was very happy. The Idiots enshrined their rights in law, all freedoms were protected, but only for Idiots. Many years passed and everyone was happy. Then a very small group of Idiots began … Continue reading


WHICH SIDE ARE THEY ON? – OUR POLICE There is something very attractive about police. The handsome guardian, a Glock at his side, a radio on his belt, perhaps a flashlight clipped to his back, a regular Batman ready to protect us. When the 2004 RNC nomination of Bush and Cheney was about to take … Continue reading

Great piece from Ubikwist Magazine by Nemo Librizzi

“I can imagine a world without prisons, but I can’t imagine a world without murder.A friend killed a policeman and is now one of the Ten Most Wanted Men in the United States. I hope they never catch him. I hope he runs forever. Not because I hate prisons and not because I am glad … Continue reading

Signed books and DVDs greatly reduced!

To help jump start our stalled economy Bleakbeauty is slashing prices on its rare DVDs. These are hand made, with special covers, be sure to collect them now that they are obsolete. Check out the new prices. Most DVDs are $25 including shipping. A few of the most sought after are slightly higher. Prices on … Continue reading

Sunday NYTimes Arts

By Rebecca Bengal. Reviews of American Blood (Karma), the DLM (Aperture) and the new 75 min doc, “SNCC”

Sic semper tyrannis

“Biden just won Pennsylvania.” It was Saturday morning and I was sitting by the fire. “Get dressed,” I said. “We should go out and blow our horn.”With Nancy driving her electric Chevy Bolt, we heading towards Albuquerque.   In fifteen minutes we exited at Central Avenue.  Nancy was honking the horn.   “No one is here,” she … Continue reading

John Lewis Gone to the Angels

SNCC workers Courtland Cox,Joyce Ladner and Frank Smith with John’s casket in the Rotunda of the Capitol.The  catafalque supporting the casket of former SNCC Chairman, John Lewis was originally quickly constructed to hold President Lincoln’s coffin.

John Lewis’s Body

Who can explain the miracles of this life? John Lewis was a miracle. He was sent to us to change the country and to heal it. His soul has left his body, and his body will be moved from Troy to Montgomery to the Capitol steps so we can all be close to him, to be touched by him, to say hello, and with tears in our eyes, to say good bye.

This is an Uprising

May 31, 2020 This is an Uprising Six days after the police murder of George Floyd, recorded and presented to us all to see, protests and disturbances continue in every city in the United States. What is going on? This is an uprising. An uprising is when masses of people take the to streets to … Continue reading

The End of History

Danny Lyon April 4, 2020 BERNALILLO, NEW MEXICO—A few nights ago, I phoned my old friend, Ira Churgin. In 1961, we were ancient history students at the University of Chicago. Ira’s roommate was Bernie Sanders. In October of 1962, we all crowded into Mandel Hall to hear Professor Hans Morgenthau explain the Cuban missile crisis, … Continue reading

Sweet Are the Uses of Adversity

. We are all participating in a world that is literally destroying itself. The “party” as someone has described the last twenty years, is over. Thank god. This can save us from ourselves.