More Bernie civil rights photos found!

BernieFr22 copy

The slander that Bernie was not a very early leader for African American civil rights got so outrageous that persons went into the archives of the University of Chicago and changed captions on Danny Lyon’s 1962 photos, claiming it was Bruce Rappaport standing in Bernie’s clothing leading the demonstration in the Ad Building. These newly discovered pictures, including close up photographs of the student activists show us exactly what Bernie was and what he remains.


Here at the University of Chicago, in the winter of 1962, students led by Bernie Sanders and others have occupied the hallway of the Administration Building, spending the night inside. The Chancellor cannot get into or leave his office. Bernie is leading a protest against the discrimination practiced by the University of Chicago against African Americans in it’s extensive housing. This protest for equal rights for African Americans is the first sit-in to be held in the north as part of  the great 1960’s civil rights movement.  Bernie is the real deal.  And voters, all voters know it. Feel the Bern.

Univ of Chicago student at the first sit-in held in the north.

Another University of Chicago student, not Bernie, at the first sit-in held in the north.

83 Responses to “More Bernie civil rights photos found!”
  1. Thanks for these. Very nice.

    • M Stins says:

      What I would like to see is Bernie’s College picture in the Yearbook and Rapport picture to compare the two. I think that will made everything clear. Also if Bernie was arrested the police would have his full name on the arrest report.

      • Stephen Robbins says:

        See Chicago Tribune, 12 January 1963, where Bernard Sanders is specifically identified as one of the defendants in the criminal court case arising out of the protests. Image available at

      • Gordon Quinn says:

        you can see Bernie’s yearbook photo in this news story about his arrest at a demonstration protesting Willis Wagon trailers for black school kid we filmed around the same time. Here is the link

      • M Stins says:

        Why have Bernie confirm that is him. The picture in the yearbook does not look like the same person. Where is Rapport picture to compare. Let’s say it him but he did not continue the cause as many did. Hillary went undercover to help Black children and she continue over forty years to help us. She has grew over the years and you cannot fault her for what her husband said. Did she lie once during 2008 yes she did. But she graciously work with President Obama, that took courage. Bernie continue to make out to be weak and that I do not like. Again have you all realize the cost of his proposal? Trillions of dollars and you will be taxed heavily and the raise you won’t will be nothing compare to what you have to pay out. Continue steps should be made and not wrong ones. I was young once but I soon learn to live in the real world. We can make a difference. Young people never vote unless they are hyped. We need Democratic Congress people and Senators to help our Democratic President. Why don’t some of you run in these offices???? You can make a revolution unless you move those in office out and replace them with new ones with the same ideas!!!!! If see we have a problem then you have to be part of the solution to change the problem continually not for just to be excited. A revolution needs you start from the bottom and work the way to the top!

      • What! Get out! Danny Lyon has here, and many times in other photos, VERIFIED and CONFIRMED the photos that HE took as the photographer! That Bernie’s identity was questioned and his civil rights record falsely assailed is outrageous. Enough!

  2. Michelle Arena says:

    Can’t understand why Jonathan Capehart is not printing a retraction.

    • he’s a Clintonite…

    • PW says:

      Establishment liberal attacks are always 200% right when they are about Bernie Sanders.

    • ws says:

      Wait, wait, wait. This is the same sit-in. Sit-ins were very common back then. I doubt that every person in that room calls themselves a civil rights leader for their involvement. He fled to the hills of Vermont and hadn’t done anything for the black community in 50 years. FOH

      • dektol says:

        Sit-ins were not “common” in 1962. There were NONE in the North. In the summer of 1963, 15,000 young people were arrested
        IN THE SOUTH, many in sit-ins. Even though the historic “first” sit-in was in Raleigh on Feb 1, 1960, nothing happened
        in the North. When CORE (including Bernie) organized the two week sit-in at the University of Chicago, protesting
        discrimination in the vast housing owned by the University, it was an unprecedented (for the modern Movement), and
        historic event.

      • dektol says:

        The U of Chicago sit-in has been dated as January of 1962. 18 months before the mass arrests across the south
        and six months before I reach the movement in Cairo. The arrest of Linda Pearlstein, a University of Chicago
        student, in Cairo, alerted me to the existence of the Movement inside Illinois and brought about my first trip

      • Sandi says:

        The link above contains Jonathan Capehart’s response, as of 2/13/16. The woman who makes the claim supports Bernie, btw. So, not a conspiracy.

  3. Wow, so TIME has tried to throw shade on Bernie’s civil rights activities.

  4. Definitely Bernie in four pics but doesn’t look like Bernie in the pic w/flannel shirt. Hair and mouth look different to me. I am probably wrong but Chris Matthews made a big deal out of a photo of Bernie last night and I just want us supporters to be sure before posting. A confirmation from Bernie camp would work.

  5. CK says:

    Is the final photo, the one captioned “Univ of Chicago student at the first sit-in held in the north” also of Sanders, or is that someone else?

  6. Christopher Weiss says:

    Chris Matthews, Jonathan Capehart & Rep. John Lewis are pushing for & backing Hillary Clinton to win the Democratic Presidential Nomination….

  7. Jennifer Krause says:

    shine some more light on Bernie and his history – he only looks better in high def….

  8. Eric Thornley says:

    Danny Lyon should contact TIME, Washington Post, and the University of Chicago library if he can. Not sure if they have had communication yet.

  9. Polaris Kyo says:

    Awesome photos!! Thank you for posting…

  10. Thanks for these photos. I wonder if you knew my dad – he is next to Sanders in the light sweater and black glasses.

    • DPU says:

      Juliet, does your dad have any other pictures of the event, or would he be willing to go on and make a statement saying that Bernie Sanders was there at the protest? He would really be helping Bernie. Thank you for considering.

    • His name was Bob Brown. He was roommates with Sanders their first year, but my dad didn’t finish school.

      • My dad definitely talked about Sanders as an activist and a Leftie, which my dad was too. My mom says he worried Sanders was “selling out” when he went into mainstream politics. I hope he’d feel proud, and hopeful about mainstream politics now. I know he was moved by Obama’s first win.

      • dektol says:

        We will identify Bob Brown in the next post, as he seems quite jacked. I remember him an intense young person
        in a class of intense young people. nice you saw this. D

      • Thanks, yeah, many people described my dad as intense. He was very active and very passionate, coming from a long line of socialist agitators! Nice that you remember him. I miss him every day. So glad to see photos I’ve never seen before. You’re doing great work, thank you.

  11. Shel says:

    Thanks so much for finding these excellent new photos!
    I can only hope that Capehart and the Washington Post and especially MSNBC who provided a very nasty ‘gotcha’ moment challenging Sanders’ “honesty” and “authenticity” right after the debate last night will issue corrections.
    As loudly and often as Capehart tweeted and posted confident statements that THIS IS NOT BERNIE SANDERS in all caps every three seconds, it was appalling and he has not yet stopped. Now we get the update that he’s typing up the results of his finally interviewing the photographer, but he’s also alleged to have contacted the ex-wife of Rappaport, so we’ll see if he tries to maintain that your photo depicts someone other than Sanders, sigh…

  12. Lee Schelin says:

    The whole thing is ridiculous, I used to like Matthews , but no more. Rep. John Lewis better step up or he’ll lose my respect as well.

  13. Stenar says:

    “In 1942, the Congress of Racial Equality sponsored sit-ins in Chicago.” So, no, this little sit-in that Bernie was involved in wasn’t the first sit-in in the North, as this article claims.

  14. Susan says:

    Thank you so much for posting these and speaking out. I’m just curious if you have any photos of Rappaport from that same day?

  15. You should post a you tube video about this, most people don’t read anymore. Otherwise the issue will go on and on. A video will also save you a lot of hassle from the press.

  16. Cassie Thompson says:

    Wonderful! Love Bernie

  17. Mervin Sonnier says:

    I’m afraid the tragedy in all this is that the fog of myth surrounding the Clintons will not lift from the eyes of black folks and poor whites. Neither, it appears, will be informed enough to vote their own interests, rather they will be disinformed by those who purport to be their champions. Shame on the CBC and the Democratic Party. Support your candidate, not the Party. Boycott the Party.

  18. And reading Arthur Rimbaud, no less. You cannot — CAN NOT! — get any cooler than this!

    • dektol says:

      Agreed. Thats why we published it. An essential U of Chicago student, 1962, ready to change the world.
      Its not Bernie, to be clear. Its a kid sitting in, part of the protest, which lasted two weeks.

  19. NinaF says:

    He’s reading the French poet Arthur Rimbaud’s collection, “Illuminations.” It has nothing to do with “On the Road,” and the curious don’t necessarily care about what is “easier” to read.

  20. Shel says:

    Argh, Capehart is forcing us to wait for a ‘new piece’ where he shares the complicated story here, claiming it’s not so ‘cut and dry’. I can’t imagine intrigue given what is visible here, but excuses can be tricky to compose.

    • dektol says:

      Correct. This is Danny Lyon — He called me and asked to “record me”, which I agreed to. His main interest seemed to be to ask things like “when did the campaign contact me” (they hadn’t).
      His only interest was in the “idea” that there was some kind of conspiracy to either undermine him, or created by
      the Sanders campaign. It was a bazaar conversation, that I almost regret having. He recorded me for at least
      half an hour. If he was a journalist he would immediately publish the truth, or at least admit
      that he spoke with the person that made the pictures, and admit that other pictures now show that this is Bernie Sanders as a young activist.

  21. Cheryl Lee says:

    This needs to go viral. Lets all work together to spread the truth against Clinton’s lies.

  22. Luz Ospina says:

    Everyone should get behind this national treasure. #BernieSanders2016 #FeelTheBern

  23. Donna Eemunchagote-Long says:

    I am ok with the blog until it is said, Unfortunately Congressman John Lewis is being used by Clinton Campaign! I believe John Lewis is capable of making uphis own mind whom to support. I read in 2008, you were able to convince him to change his endorsement to Barack Obama, so that he could be a part of electing the first African American president, I can only suppose you tried and failed in the 2016 election. This does not mean that the Hillary campaign is using congressman Lewis! Rather there is a sincere difference of opinion about who is best qualified to serve as president!

    • dektol says:

      You are correct. Im sure Congressman Lewis does think Hillary is the better candidate and more likely to win. But,
      John delivered a low blow when he implied Bernie did not have a civil rights and activists background. And John saying “he never saw
      him” was a way to use his own enormous prestige as a civil rights veteran (as “the”civil rights veteran), to imply that
      if John didn’t actually meet someone, they could not have been part of the Movement. The next day he later withdrew this, and
      virtually apologized, by the way. Which was the right thing to do, and I say that in the last line of the blog. Unfortunely
      having said it, the Media continues to run his damaging statement.

      • dektol says:

        I ended up agreeing with the criticism that my writing Congressman Lewis was being “used” by the Clinton campaign, was not kind,
        and I removed the line from the blog. He seems to have quickly realized his statement was not well worded, and basically apologized
        the next day.

      • Yes, but….as per usual, retractions always appear buried on “page 8” or wherever.

    • Sen. Lewis is a true American icon & like any American is at liberty to express his support for whomever he chooses. In doing so, in such a high profile fashion, he intended it to be an influential act, something that I agree he is entitled. What I find most disappointing is for him to disparage Sen. Sanders’ civil rights activity record by insinuating that he wasn’t there. Sen. Lewis is not omnipotent or all-seeing, he is human, as he has proven by this error. We all know apologies rarely make headlines. If he’s sincere about having mis-spoken he should set up a photo op with Sen. Sanders to shake his hand & agree to disagree, which is what even gentlemen of lesser stature would do, but I doubt that will happen for fear of the retribution. Retribution which should not exist if we all lived in the aesthetic the Beltway pretends exists. Just ask Francis Underwood.

  24. Gordon Quinn says:

    I was there and I know Danny was there. If Danny says it is Bernie that is good enough for me. He was taking pix of everything. I don’t really remember Bernie or Bruce that well but I know they where both leaders, although what sticks in my mind is Denise Richards who was there and I think in the pix. She was a leader of the demonstration who spoke forcefully about the need for whites to go into the white community to fight racism.

  25. AJ says:

    Hasn’t Jonathan Capehart’s partner, Giuseppe Lignano, been a longtime aide to Hillary Clinton? Can someone confirm?

  26. Seth Bond says:

    The 3rd picture in this blog is not of Bernie Sanders. This man has attached ear lobes. Who is he?

    • dektol says:

      The caption says “a student”; not Bernie. Obviously a smart student too, as he is reading “Illuminations.”
      Anyone know his name?

  27. Ava Cohn says:

    I work as a professional photo genealogist. My work involves examining old photographs for families researching their ancestors and one part of my job is identification and comparison of individuals in family photographs. This whole controversy seems to me to be blown way out of proportion. Part of identification is contextual, part is examining physical characteristics, expressions and choices. For example, what hand does a person use as a dominant hand and what choices does that person make in terms of clothing or location of jewelry such as a watch for example. The other major part, of course, is the photographer. I doubt that a photographer would forget any of his or her subjects. After looking thoroughly at all of these photographs and reading Danny Lyon’s explanation as well as viewing current videos of Bernie, it is my opinion that the photographs are of Bernie Sanders, all that is except the last one of the student in a flannel shirt. That is not Bernie Sanders. Often when working with families I find that family members sometimes think that they know who someone is in a photo and are certain that what they believe is the truth. The brain plays tricks on us once we have made up our minds as to who is in the photo. More often than not, I find that the best person to do photo identification is someone with an objective eye, an outsider, rather than someone who is too close to the situation.

  28. Hugo says:

    Lyons’ challenge has forced Time to issue a brief update tucked away at the end of their article, acknowledging they were wrong. This correction only comes months after the incorrect information has been posted on their site.

  29. Hugo says:

    See US Uncut: “Arrest Photo of Young Bernie Sanders Surfaces from Chicago Tribune Archives”
    (link was removed I think)

    “Lyons’ challenge has forced Time to issue a brief update tucked away at the end of their article, acknowledging they were wrong. This correction only comes months after the incorrect information has been posted on their site.”

  30. HanzP says:

    Thank you, Danny Lyon for maintaining the integrity of the historical record– always a very important contribution and ever more so in the face of so many lies today. Cheers!

  31. dektol says:

    Reblogged this on Bleak Beauty Blog and commented:

    Iowa votes today! Michael Moore, one of our great journalists is campaigning for Bernie because Michael Moore knows the future.

    • throughalensedarkly says:

      wBuld not let me leave comment

      For more images of Bernie Sanders in civil rights movement check out this link which features a lot of footage from our film 63 Boycott. Bernie was in my class and I have the yearbook so we Vetted the images we have of him against the yearbook and many other sources and like Danny when we say it’s him, it’s him. here’s the link to the YouTube thing.

      from my wifi only tablet

  32. dektol says:

    This is Danny Lyon. Of course “I remember taking the photos”! That is not what I said on the phone to the Time reporter.
    I went with Bob McNamara, a CORE activist and good friend. It was in a hall way, very crowded, so I stood in the corner. I did not sit. I shot Bernie standing (he was speaking when I got there.) I shot him sitting down. He sits next to McNamara, who is wearing glasses… Then I, standing above them, shoot the three close ups of Bernie, still in his sweater, speaking with his buddies…

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  2. […] The contact sheets , reviewed by Time, show pictures of the 21-year-old Sanders sitting on the floor wearing a rough, brown sweater and white shirt in what appears to be the same room as the disputed photo. The clothing Sanders is wearing on the floor in the recently discovered contact sheets looks to be the same as the clothing the young man is wearing in the photo in question. […]

  3. […] Det dukket opp et nytt eksempel fra USA i forrige uke som viser at det er en kamp om sannheten. De to første nominasjonsvalgene har dreid seg om stater med en hovedsakelig hvit befolkning. Det vil i det neste valget være mange svarte velgere, og kandidatene vil derfor henvende seg til minoritetsvelgere. Det ble hevdet fra Sanders’ politiske fiende at han ikke deltok i borgerrettighetskampen på 1960-tallet, og det viste at han ikke hadde noen troverdighet. Da det seinere dukket opp et bilde av Bernie Sanders som deltok i en protestaksjon i Chicago på 60-tallet, avviste alle de store avviste dette som en manipulasjon. Det var ingen tvil. Det kunne ikke være Bernie Sanders fordi han han ikke hadde vist den type engasjement, men fotografen bekreftet seinere at det var Bernie Sanders på bildet. Her er en blogg som viser noen av bildene fra bloggen Bleak Beauty: Bernie Sanders leads 1963 sit-in og More Bernie civil rights photos found. […]

  4. […] The US presidential nomination showed us once again the battle for truth last week. After a couple of states with mostly white voters, the candidates are now going to fight for support among African Americans. Someone claimed that Bernie Sanders hadn’t done anything for the civil rights movement in the 1960’s, and when a photo of him saying otherwise surfaced, the biggest newspapers said it had to be a manipulated photo. The photographer later confirmed it was Bernie Sanders. The blogger Bleak Beauty showed some of the photos: Bernie Sanders leads 1962 sit-down and More Bernie Sanders vivil rights photos found. […]

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