John Lewis leads fight for Gun Control

Remarkably, a seventy-five year old has appeared on the national stage as the most visible  and eloquent spokesman for the gun control movement.  Congressman John Lewis has not been this effective a leader since he was badly beaten by police and sheriff’s deputies on the Edmund Petty Bridge, a “hate crime” that was shown live on national television.  A few weeks ago the Congressman led an unprecedented protest inside the House of Representatives of the United States Government, re-vitalizing the single most effective method  of the now sixty year old Movement that changed the nation and changed the world, the non-violent sit-in.

That illegal  action got everyone’s attention.  And why is Congressman Lewis succeeding where so many voices have failed? Because John Lewis has framed the fight for gun control as a moral and ethical issue, not as a political one. He is making exactly the same argument that SNCC and Dr. King made sixty years ago – that the Movement was right and everything they were fighting against was wrong. This was not a political question. It was a moral question and ethical question, a question as old as man- it was a question of right and wrong. Congressman Lewis is succeeding because he is the very best person to make this argument. He has the scars, literally, that proves his courage, his conviction, his very willingness to die to change the world and to bring justice to this nation he so clearly loves.

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