Isn’t this a witch hunt?



Netflix is suppressing “Gore”, staring and produced by Kevin Spacey, because of something Spacey did thirty years ago, when he was drunk.


I don’t think Gore Vidal would approve. I think he’d leave the country and move to someplace civilized (which he actually did) which uses a legal system to decide guilt and innocence.  Gore Vidal (the man profiled in the movie that none of us will ever get to see)  was a great literary figure and political thinker whose own career was torpedoed  when, in 1948, he published, The City and The Pillar, a very gay novel.  Gore was blacklisted for six years as no magazine or newspaper would review anything he wrote.

What happened to indictments and trials? What happened to the justice system? Men and women don’t need that anymore? All we have to do is have done something stupid or illegal during our hopefully long lives, and an accuser can move our centuries-old legal system into the hands of corporations who have zero interest in justice, but great interest in money. The newly accused are tried and found guilty and punished by Corporations, not by the American Criminal Justice system

What happens when a woman or man is attacked, or raped? Do we skip the trial?and just go straight to lynching?

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