“that generation to die & get out of the way”

We now encourage writers to send in comments, and if inspiring and not too long we will edit and post them. This is by Andrew Storrs, a filmmaker. We find his comment that my generation should “die and get out of the way” fascinating. Julian Bond, Sam Shepard, Mohammed Ali, Tom Hayden, even Mary Ellen Marks, all my own age, all died recently.

Is Andrew saying that the “culture” ; Bob Dylan, Ken Burns, Big Name writers, Big Museums that cost $20 to enter, the Democratic National Committee, the myriad great successes that are pushed at us ad nauseum by the moneyed interests, are in effect an oppressive ceiling that makes it virtually impossible for aspiring artists to reach beyond their own circle of friends? Doesn’t the social media enforce this as it gives us all an illusion of power? Personally I’m going to live as long as I can so I can keep fishing. Here is Andrew and Merry Christmas 1967 from the fleet of workers here at Bleak Beauty.

” Wow Mr. Edwards snaps you included here are excellent~especially that one of the 3 boys with the little shitty tattoos around the roller rink. Its hard for me to believe that a time like the 50’s or 60’s ever really existed.the connection i have to it only exists in highly dramatized, fetishized, & beautiful grainy, saturated snaps & film & recorded music from that time. Shit i pine over as a moment in history that seemed so thrilling & innocent & unbridled & raw …..where i (would like to) reconnect with that true human spirit (where it) still exists in society – which i am mainly unable to find in contemporary life here in post-9/11 America. we’ve thrown out the baby with the bathwater & sacrificed nearly all of the beauty & true human wonder in the name of 20th Century Progress…..As much as i admire so many artists, activists, entertainers, directors, writers, painters, etc etc from your time & moment & of your generation i feel so often how important it is for our country & for the “young” people in America for that same generation to die & get out of the way. everything is overshadowed & compared to the mid-century American masters, rock&roll, everything that i desire & crave & celebrate from this country. ”
Andrew Storr’s instagram handle is @nationwideonyrside and this is his YouTube/nationwideonyrside

One Response to ““that generation to die & get out of the way””
  1. “There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.” – Sofia Loren

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