The Destruction of Lower Manhattan in the New Yorker on line

Elizabeth Koehn at Gavin Brown just sent this. Its news to me. Im delighted to say that we’re talking to Aperture about bringing out a facsimile edition of the 1969 Edition of the book, originally done by the MacMillan company. Aperture did such an incredible job with The Bikeriders, finally getting it right in the great fourth edition. Old books are best left unchanged.
In the meantime, have you seen this article in the New Yorker on line yet?
This is my favorite spin from the Cleveland Museum of Art, now showing the work. “Lyon’s documentary series became the model for visual work addressing the aging infrastructure of American cities, now sometimes called ruin porn, and the perils of the 1960s policy of urban renewal through demolition.”
Ruin Porn? Had I only known, I might have had more fun.

One Response to “The Destruction of Lower Manhattan in the New Yorker on line”
  1. Jeff Kreines says:

    Hey, Danny, did you see this one:

    Love to you and Nancy,


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