Sweet Are the Uses of Adversity

Last night I had a wonderful dream. I dreamed no planes were flying. The highways were empty. The parking lots of the multiplexes were empty, a large “Closed Forever sign” hanging on the ticket booths. Small, local single screen theaters had begun to reappear, many showing my own films and other works of independents. Cruise ships were outlawed. The new government was sinking them into the sea, creating structure for fish to help the ailing coral. People were walking again, I waved to them as they went by. Uncle Joe had come to power, sweeping the electorial collage on the back of a recession and the collapse of the stock market. With everyone clamoring for a real government, the Dem’s took the senate and the house. John Lewis beat his cancer and came in to vote, the chambers stood as one to applaud. One piece of progressive legislation after another passed through Congress. The first real changes in fifty years. The nightmare was ending; a new world had begun.

And then I woke up. It was true. No cruise ships. No planes flying. Everyone staying home. We have created an unsustainable civilization. We are all participating in a world that is literally destroying itself. The “party” as someone has described the last twenty years, is over. Thank god. This can save us from ourselves.

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