This is an Uprising

May 31, 2020

This is an Uprising

Six days after the police murder of George Floyd, recorded and presented to us all to see, protests and disturbances continue in every city in the United States. What is going on? This is an uprising. An uprising is when
masses of people take the to streets to express their extreme unhappiness
with their government and system under which they live. In almost every other country in the world, including China, it would lead to the collapse of the government. It should lead to the collapse of our government, but it will not. We do not have a parliamentary system, we have a much less flexible system in place. We can
and I think will change the government in our November election. Prior to that my guess is that police forces, or national guard units (which are being used as police forces) will use live ammunition and provoked, will shoot into these crowds
killing many innocent people. It is pretty obvious that the vast number of people in the streets are young, and of no particular race. The sheer numbers willing to go out into the streets in virtually every American city is a terribly impressive event. They are completely disgusted with not just the rampant injustice of endless racist murders by police, but by the fact that they themselves face a very bleak future. They have for years been ruled by people whose main interest has been greed and themselves, even to the destruction of the planet itself.
It’s good what is happening, and it is long overdue. The violence is not being committed by the masses of people in the street. The violence is being committed by opportunists who have latched on to a legitimate uprising to cause chaos. Setting a dumpster or a car
on fire is not a very radical or courageous act, but it attracts the cameras. And looting
simply invites people to help themselves. When they start stealing guns, it will get more serious.
How does this end? Short term they must arrest the other officers that abetted in the murder of George Floyd. They need to start disarming the police. And the cowards and psychopaths in office need to be immediately denounced by the rational elements in the Republican party. Long term, the new government needs to bring a revolution to the country, to eliminate student debt, to empty the prisons, and to re-direct trillions of dollars into creating a new green and more just economy.

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