The author has been locked out of his IG account! I can see it, as you can, but I can no longer
post anything on it. I cannot express a political, social or aesthetic opinion, I cannot even post a poem,
its bosses, META, will not let me. And we thought corporations were powerful in the 1960’s.
This is mega power, and unprecedented power over everyone, including me. After many years
I was able to attract seventeen thousand lost souls that would read what I posted, and send in comments,
most of which were left for anyone to see. I did delete a few out and out racists or hate mongers but
other than that it was a free site, especially free for me to reach people across our beleaguered planet.
The reason for the lock out was a screw up in my long defunct email address, something that apparently is impossible to
correct, via the META robots, who are merciless. In the spirit of not giving up we have stared a new IG, with this address; Follow it and tell your friends.

Meanwhile back at the Albuquerque Museum the new show, Danny Lyon – Journey West is up and will be through all of August.

There is also a gorgeously reproduced book of the same name, which we sell on this blog via Pay Pal for $65.00 signed. More info here.

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