A guide for self respect during the crisis of planet Earth

From the powerful mind and politics of Josephine Ferorelli who partnered with us to create Burn Zone we now have https://grandgather.files.wordpress.com/2018/10/copy-of-so-youre-ready-to-take-action-against-climate-change1.pdf Print it for your father next time he takes you out in a power boat that gets three miles to the gallon. Josephine is the primary mover behind Conceivable Future http://conceivablefuture.org/mission a grim and … Continue reading

Return to the site of the Las Conchas fire

Return to the site of the Las Conchas fire Yesterday Nancy drove our old Ford Ranger up into the Jemez, to revisit the burnt up trees I had photographed one year after the 2011 Las Conchas fire destroyed 244 square miles in the Jemez mountains, a part of the Santa Fe National Forest. The trees … Continue reading

Review of the DLM at the Cleveland Museum of Art

Danny Lyon: The Destruction of Lower Manhattan, The Cleveland Museum of Art FRONT INTERNATIONAL: Cleveland Triennial for Contemporary Art. SUMMER 2018 Walking around New York, sometimes one feels as if they are being chased by some spectral Pac Man voraciously devouring whole neighborhoods behind you. It’s not such a new phenomenon. The destruction of Penn … Continue reading

New Film/New Show

Wanderer – a new 48 min DV from New Mexico, the sequel to “Willie”, opening at Gavin Brown’s Sept 12 in NYC, and at Etherton Gallery, in Tucson Nov 15 and 16. With prints, texts and two more films on the border.

Hugh Edwards talks with Lyon

http://www.magichourpodcast.org/episodes/2018/7/15/episode-22-hugh-edwards In earlier posts this blog has made available the letters and early color pictures of Hugh Edwards. We wanted to correct history and give this remarkable person his due credit in shaping the world of photography. Now, here is the man himself. Recorded forty five years ago, this is the only known recording of … Continue reading

Lyon on Portland Radio

Portland KBOO FM interview with Amanda Clem on Lyon’s Willie, Murderers and the nature of realism in his films and work. https://kboo.fm/media/66444-amanda-clem-interviews-danny-lyon-art-focus-071018

Lyon on The Magic Hour

Jordan Weitzman, a young Canadian photographer and audio reporter, spent some time recently in the home of Nancy and Danny Lyon in Bernalillo, New Mexico. Here is the conversation which Jordan recorded with Lyon: http://www.magichourpodcast.org/episodes/2018/6/18/episode-21-danny-lyon

DLM revisited 50 years later

“This series was a real break for Lyon,” explains curator Barbara Tannenbaum. Cleveland Museum of Art, Huck interview and review http://www.huckmagazine.com/art-and-culture/photography-2/destruction-lower-manhattan/ “His historical place had already been cemented as a figure of the New Journalism. He had been doing projects where he immersed himself, becoming very involved with his subjects and part of their culture … Continue reading

Message to the Parkland Students: Charles McDew is dead

This is McDew’s message to you children. Organize now, and do not let adults lead you. Do not think a Leader will appear. No Martin Luther King Jr will come to lead you, because he didn’t lead the civil rights movement. This is a picture promoted by the establishment and the media. Dozens stood beside, behind and in front of Dr King; dozens of brave, young men and women. Chuck McDew was one of these. A great American hero.

March for our Lives. Turn on your TV now

If you’re not watching turn it on now. March for our Lives. Today. Right now. The greatest march since the 1963 March on Washington. Children. Teen agers. An eleven year old at the podium. What speakers they are. Have a good cry. “I just spoke on international television and it feels great!” There are no … Continue reading

Amazing 1967 Pentagon arrest footage found

On Oct 21, 1967 the largest anti war demonstration to date occurred as over 700 were arrested during an assault on the pentagon. Danny Lyon and Mark di Suvero arrived at the momument just prior to the 100,000 marchers and were quickly in combat with club swinging US Marshalls and MPs. Lyon was #4 arrested … Continue reading


Pray for the Parkland kids. Send them money. And if you have more guts than I, wrap a brick with a note saying “AK 47” and toss it through a gun shop window.