Nan Goldin: photography, pain and opioids

Nan brings to mind Franz Kafka who among his serial masterpieces, wrote “The Hunger Artist”, a man on display in a cage at the entrance to a fair, that is starving (himself) to death.

“that generation to die & get out of the way”

As much as i admire so many artists, activists, entertainers, directors, writers, painters, etc etc from your time & moment & of your generation i feel so often how important it is for our country & for the “young” people in America for that same generation to die & get out of the way. everything is overshadowed & compared to the mid-century American masters, rock&roll, everything that i desire & crave & celebrate from this country. “

Human resilience is the part of climate adaptation we are investing in the least.

Allan Pietrasanta lives up in Bishop, the Eastern Sierra where they’ve had lots of fires: This is an edited version of what he posted on his Facebook. “About 6 weeks ago I spent an evening in a room of 50-60 people from Sonoma and Napa counties listening to them talk about their experiences during the … Continue reading

Lyon on Hugh Edwards in the New York Review of Books This is the talk Lyon wrote for his lecture at the Art Institute of Chicago. The lecture was delivered by his daughter Gabrielle Lyon. It is now on line in the NYRBS

Isn’t this a witch hunt?

    Netflix is suppressing “Gore”, staring and produced by Kevin Spacey, because of something Spacey did thirty years ago, when he was drunk.   I don’t think Gore Vidal would approve. I think he’d leave the country and move to someplace civilized (which he actually did) which uses a legal system to decide guilt and innocence.  Gore … Continue reading

Stream the films of Danny Lyon on Vimeo

Bleak Beauty is proud to announce that following months of work by our army of media workers we have pulled the trigger. The entire body of Danny Lyon 16mm film work is now live and can be streamed on Vimeo. The sixties meets the twenty first century. See which you prefer. When you rent … Continue reading

Climate Criminals make Weather Deadly

What’s in a name? And the winner is! Climate Criminals make Weather Deadly The scene. Somewhere in Poland. People getting off the train, Nazi guards with dogs. Bertha: “No one will believe this” Rita: “How can you describe the indescribable?” Shlomo: “ I hope they call it The Holocaust”. It wasn’t until the 1960’s that … Continue reading

NOTHING — the 2012 smash hit from Bleak Beauty

In honor of the full solar eclipse, we present NOTHING, the 2012 Bleak Beauty hit. NOTHING begins with an annular solar eclipse. In case you don’t have your sliderule out an annular eclipse means the moon was too far from earth and our film crew’s ABQ location when it passed in front of the sun, … Continue reading

Gun man targets Republicans/ critically wounds second most powerful Republican in the house.

Gun man targets Republicans/ critically wounds second most powerful Republican in the house. This is stunning news. What took so long? Do they really expect that the United States of America, a nation of 325 million people, will tolerate a criminal president in power, without reacting? And do they expect Americans to accept a Republican … Continue reading

Trump Tweets and the First Amendment

William Bennet Turner is a brilliant lawyer that represented the class of all TDC prisoners in the historic 1970’s suit against the Texas Prison System known as Ruiz VS Estelle. Ruiz was then a convict and Estelle was the head of the Texas Department of Corrections. Bill has long taught at Berkeley and recently wrote … Continue reading

Hitler Tweets

  Inside Hitler’s Wolf’s Lair   February 1943   A previously unknown analogue recording of the Fuhrer in discussion with his Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels has been found in the archives of the former USSR. Using our fleet of translators, Bleak Beauty is proud to be the first in the western world to publish this … Continue reading

Julie Galant 1947 – 2017

    Julie Galant died this Friday. With her passing a light went out for her children, her family, and for the world of pictures. I first met Julie at the Magnum office, then located on W 47th street in the 1973, where the young staff was often more talented and interesting than the photographers … Continue reading

Rebecca Lyon’s interview with filmmakers Danny and Nancy Lyon

Rebecca Lyon has produced two of the most insightful interviews ever done with Danny Lyon. Is this because Rebecca, an archival projectionist at the Music Box in Chicago, and an active member of the Chicago Film Society, is also the youngest child of filmmakers Nancy and Danny Lyon? Or is it just because of her great love of … Continue reading

The girl in the coffin

54 years ago in Birmingham, Alabama, I made a photograph of a fourteen year old girl in her coffin.

The Cotton Pickers, 1968

This picture was made from horse back on the Ferguson Unit, a prison farm for teenagers inside the Texas Department of Corrections, almost fifty years ago. The field workers are young black convicts, the sack they pull are weighed and when full are three times larger than those carried by the slave women on the … Continue reading

Hugh Edwards, the audio: Chicago, September, 1972

Listen to the Hugh Edwards interview by Danny Lyon
Twelve years after first meeting Hugh Edwards, and three years after completing “Conversations with the Dead”, Danny Lyon, now a filmmaker, returned to Chicago with a ¼ inch analogue tape recorder.