Occupy LA, Ola!

The last two weeks have seen a successful coordinated national suppression of the
Occupy camps using massive police force, with help from helicopters, firemen and
Homeland Security. The powers at be, have shredded the first amendment of the Bill of Rights, which for those of us that do not remember it, states the government cannot interfere with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibit the petitioning for a redress of grievances. In the cover of night police have shut down the largest camps in cities across the country. One of the last to be shut down, was Occupy Los Angeles.

LAPD took over 200 people into custody, many spending two nights and more in jail, some are still in jail. These pictures were made a few nights after the raid, on the West Steps of City Hall, as Occupy holds its nightly General Assembly. Activists, many seeing each other for the first time after release from jail embrace and exchange war stories. These are the dangerous revolutionaries our government is so afraid of. These are the menace to our society that has brought out homeland security. Take a good look at these anarchists, these people who have defiled our parks, sleeping in sleeping bags and tents. These are the people who have embraced and fed the homeless. Pretty dangerous looking crowd, right? These are our children.

One thing every one of them agreed on. The crushing of the camps has only united the bonds among them. We look forward to an Occupied Holidays. Now we have something to do besides shop. Phase Two Begins.

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