Occupy Journalism

1) Hold your ground. You are the press and the frontline of truth.
2) Refuse to join and oppose the formation of pools. Pools are being used to control the truth at its source, which is the most effective means of censorship. You are the journalist. You have a right and it is your duty to be there.
3) When you are harassed by police officers while you are working, politely explain that it is your right and your job to be exactly where you are. Being asked to “leave the street”, which has no traffic because the police have blocked it, is an absurd request. As is standing in a designated area. Requests like these should be refused. You belong wherever you need to be to see and record what is being done by police.
4) If you are threatened with arrest for doing your job, than be arrested. The more attention your arrest gets the better. Go limp, sit on the ground. Do not cooperate in an illegal event.
5) The First amendment was written first because it is the single most important part of the Constitution in establishing a Democracy and protecting the rights of minorities and dissenters.
6) If the powers at be can remove the Occupy from their camps with no howling from the press, than they can do anything, at any time, and will, to anyone that threatens them.

3 Responses to “Occupy Journalism”
  1. George says:

    I read your blog about the “press” having a right to be where they need to be to record public events. My question is when can someone say to a police officer, “I am the press”, even though they do not have a job with a newspaper or other established media. In today’s digital media, is not everyone “the press”, and consequently have a right to be wherever they want to be to record history?

    Could you please add google+ to the login choices below?

    Thanks for your lifelong work.

    • dektol says:

      I began by sending $1 in the mail in response to an ad and received in the mail, my first press pass. That was 50 years ago. Now I proudly wear an NYPD
      Press Pass “the shield”. It’s expired. It can help police control themselves just
      by standing in a conspicuous spot to show someone is watching. The question you raise is that we are in a new age. The police are public employees. They should not abuse thier powers and should not fear being recorded.

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