Remarkable Article “Worlds to Conquer: The Photography of Danny Lyon” by Kim Beil Published In Summer Photographer’s Forum

This article touches on many things including the Menil show and Deep Sea Diver. Kim Beil is a new young writer.

Quotes from the article –

“Along the way, Lyon has reinvented the expectations of photography and journalism, books and films”

“I don’t think you can live life ‘objectively’. I think the whole idea of ‘objective reporting’ is a bunch of bullshit.”

On Memories of Myself – “People come alive in Lyon’s photographs, seeming to present themselves on their own terms, with visible frankness, before his camera”

On Deep Sea Diver – “The results reflect a complicated humanism, on par with any of his photographs, taken over the last fifty years.”

“At a café in Bernalillo, Lyon described a scene from Gore Vidal’s Lincoln in which two characters regard a portrait of the president after his assassination, leading one to ask the other, “Don’t you know that’s all made up?”

“Reality,” Lyon clarified, “is all made up.”

PFMAY12_Danny_Lyon (pdf, 640k)

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