Juan’s Children Stay in Amerika

It is not often that we awake to good news from our government. Like Lincoln with the Emancipation Proclamation, President Obama has given protection from deportation to a million young immigrants inside our borders, most of them Mexicans. And he did it from within a government, that other than killing people and collecting taxes, hasn’t … Continue reading

Juan Stays Home

“I am glad juans mom died . I hope he dies in beanerville. You too wetback asskisser.” Here is a comment this blog just received. It is almost poetic, as if these were lines in a play by Jean Genet, perhaps delivered by a small white prisoner, handcuffed in his cell, as he were about … Continue reading

High Praise


Remarkable Article “Worlds to Conquer: The Photography of Danny Lyon” by Kim Beil Published In Summer Photographer’s Forum

This article touches on many things including the Menil show and Deep Sea Diver. Kim Beil is a new young writer and I thought you would enjoy seeing it.

PFMAY12_Danny_Lyon (pdf, 640k)

Juan Goes Home

Reading the opening of Jean Paul Sartre’s Anti-Semite and Jew, he argues that Anti-Semitism (dislike of, avoidance of, negative table talk about, hatred of, and extermination of Jews – he wrote this in 1947) was a Passion, not an Opinion. An Opinion is “You can’t trust Jews”, “They didn’t serve France in enough numbers in … Continue reading

“Tell me what a police state looks like!” “This is what a police state looks like!”

Sky Blue live streams OLA “Tell me what a police state looks like!” “This is what a police state looks like!” This journalist has spent many moments of his life crossing the line of the law…. I have been either detained or arrested for entering the United States with marijuana, speeding twice at 100 mph … Continue reading

Occupy Journalism

1) Hold your ground. You are the press and the frontline of truth. 2) Refuse to join and oppose the formation of pools. Pools are being used to control the truth at its source, which is the most effective means of censorship. You are the journalist. You have a right and it is your duty … Continue reading