Julie Galant 1947 – 2017

From left: Julie Galant with Anya (seated), Wendy Ewald and Martin Bondell(standing), Belinda Rathbone and Susan Meiselas (seated), Bleak Beauty Hudson Valley Farm 1987



Julie Galant died this Friday. With her passing a light went out for her children, her family, and for the world of pictures. I first met Julie at the Magnum office, then located on W 47th street in the 1973, where the young staff was often more talented and interesting than the photographers they were working for. Ed Grazda was among them, so was Julie. In 1975 she and Martin Bondell would found Fotofolio, and make a family.


No one did more for the photography that we know today, and no one did it with less recognition, than Julie Galant at Fotofolio. She was a classy lady. In Fotofolio she matched a brilliant selection of photographs with the finest duotone reproductions, working exclusively with Sid Rappaport at his Canal Street Printing plant in Lower Manhattan. The company set a standard of distributing great pictures, gorgeously reproduced as miniatures, at rock bottom very un-art world like low prices. Anyone that wanted could buy and put the pictures on their wall for sixty cents a piece. It was a simple and democratic way to share great photographs beautifully reproduced for a very small price. The racks of Fotofolio cards where often some of the best shows in town.
Julie was not only a knock out, and a mother, but a compassionate, and tough business lady. She was impassioned about what she believed and she did a lot for the photographers she favored. By the early 1980’s, with all of my now famous books out of print, Fotofolio issued twenty-four of my best pictures as postcards, making them available to a generation that had never seen them. A labor of love as they say. How terrible that this lovely lady is gone. Someone should give her a Pulitzer prize in publishing.

6 Responses to “Julie Galant 1947 – 2017”
  1. Julie was great. Julie, Dana and I shared a Paris apartment in the 1970s and we keep a great memory of her. We visited her several times in NY and loved her work with Fotofolio. Sad she left us so young

  2. Irene Borger says:

    Loved Julie. This is a beautiful tribute.

  3. Thank you Danny, for this tribute to Julie. She really was an amazing person who I am happy to have known, if only casually.

  4. Caroline Bowyer says:

    Thanks for this piece. I enjoyed reading about Julie. Such a wonderful person and a great friend.
    Caroline Bowyer

  5. Namaste Julie. I still have my cherished fotofolio postcard sample deck from 1994 as I was one of her sales agents in California. What a testament to her life’s work. During times of uncertainty I go through the deck and my belief in humanity is restored. Thank You Julie’s family for posting this loving tribute. Marianne Nishifue

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