Julie Galant 1947 – 2017

    Julie Galant died this Friday. With her passing a light went out for her children, her family, and for the world of pictures. I first met Julie at the Magnum office, then located on W 47th street in the 1973, where the young staff was often more talented and interesting than the photographers … Continue reading

John Lewis, Bernie Sanders, “What is the Truth?”

47,851 have visited this site since we posted the pictures I made of young Bernie Sanders in 1962. They came looking for the truth. Three major news organizations have used a photograph I made of Bernie Sanders as a twenty year old student at the University of Chicago to attack his campaign and to denigrate … Continue reading

Richard B Woodward’s Analysis of Danny Lyon’s work in the Texas Prisons

Richard B Woodward has published a interesting analysis of Danny Lyon’s work in the Texas Prison. Woodward’s writing follows: “The career of Danny Lyon, soon to be retrospected at the Whitney Museum of American Art, has been bumpier than his current Old Master status would indicate. When he began taking pictures in the 1960s, the … Continue reading

Occupy Journalism

1) Hold your ground. You are the press and the frontline of truth. 2) Refuse to join and oppose the formation of pools. Pools are being used to control the truth at its source, which is the most effective means of censorship. You are the journalist. You have a right and it is your duty … Continue reading


The credo of bleakbeauty.com, which was created twelve years ago, includes the words “Is this what we have done with our freedom? Our greatest surviving value is greed”. On July 24 this blog praised NYC as “the finest definition of our Democracy.” One month later, in NYC Occupy Wall Street created a living heart in … Read more