Gun man targets Republicans/ critically wounds second most powerful Republican in the house.

Gun man targets Republicans/ critically wounds second most powerful Republican in the house.

This is stunning news. What took so long? Do they really expect that the United States of America, a nation of 325 million people, will tolerate a criminal president in power, without reacting? And do they expect Americans to accept a Republican party so fawning that hardly a single member speaks up against the myriad injustices and crimes against humanity now being instituted as law? How many will die untreated and in pain from terrible diseases because Republicans are obsessed with denying medical insurance? This President and his lackeys in the Republican Party make serious and effective attacks on the brave people and scientists that are trying to prevent a global calamity. Man-caused deterioration of the atmosphere, is endangering the lives, right now, of untold millions. These same Republicans are so rapacious, so lacking in human feelings and dignity that they just overthrew the cap on imprisoned Americans’ phone calls to parents and children. And they don’t think anyone wants to kill them? Maybe when they are in prison, because that is where they belong, they will understand the injustice of paying $10 a minute to make a phone call. Most of us are just too civilized, too law abiding, to effectively object. As the great Julian Bond said, “Violence is always wrong.” He is correct. But Republican- backed efforts to undo a century of protecting our land through National Parks, eliminating medicine and aid for the sick, destruction of the earth itself, are all acts of enormous, consequential, violence. As the bible says, “As you sow, so shall you reap.” Amen.

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