NOTHING — the 2012 smash hit from Bleak Beauty

In honor of the full solar eclipse, we present NOTHING, the 2012 Bleak Beauty hit.

NOTHING begins with an annular solar eclipse. In case you don’t have your sliderule out an annular eclipse means the moon was too far from earth and our film crew’s ABQ location when it passed in front of the sun, and thus was not large enough to entirely cover the sun. (Can you see a jet plane cross the sun at 27 seconds?). NOTHING is presented at its full 10 minutes length. In September we will post THE COMPLETE DANNY LYON FILM OEUVRE on VIMEO! Including NINOS, WILLIE, and that eternal hit of the tattooed people’s world, SOC SCI 127.
And for those old enough to remember 4 by 5 inch sheet film, our crew used a fifty year old piece of unexposed 4 by 5 Tri X to hold over the lens to film the sun, thus creating the very special “Kodak Vintage Green Emulsion” glow.

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