Climate Criminals make Weather Deadly

What’s in a name?

And the winner is! Climate Criminals make Weather Deadly

The scene. Somewhere in Poland. People getting off the train, Nazi guards with dogs.

Bertha: “No one will believe this”
Rita: “How can you describe the indescribable?”
Shlomo: “ I hope they call it The Holocaust”.

It wasn’t until the 1960’s that the term Holocaust came into common usage. People didn’t want to talk about it. Today, as we watch the Catastrophe unfold, no one seems to know what to call it. Climate Change is about as moving as a piece of spandex bicycle pants. The staff of Bleak Beauty has come together in a week long conference, while subsisting off of sun dried kale and wind fall apples, to come up with a list of better, more scary names:

Burn Zone
Catastrophic Weather vs the Climate Criminals
Smoke, Wind, Fire and Flood
Poisonous Skies
Bad News Bad Air
Worse Weather Ahead
Climate Catastrophe
Climate Crisis

Bleak Beauty will post all entrees:

“Looks Like Rain” is my entry today. Michael
from San Francisco where it is 106F

One Response to “Climate Criminals make Weather Deadly”
  1. MICHAEL says:

    “Looks Like Rain” is my entry today.

    Thanks Danny you are number one

    Jerome John Garcia rocks Englishtown 1977.

    [audio src="" /]

    Lots of love to you all from SF CA USA — 106′ here yesterday, heat I’ve never seen in 46 years


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