Juan’s Children Stay in Amerika

It is not often that we awake to good news from our government. Like Lincoln with the Emancipation Proclamation, President Obama has given
protection from deportation to a million young immigrants inside our borders, most of them Mexicans. And he did it from within a government,
that other than killing people and collecting taxes, hasn’t been able to do anything. He used Presidential power to do something morally right and desperately needed. The problems caused by the beefing up of the IMNS and other military and paramilitary forces in the South West, and the subsequent hunt for Mexicans have created a myriad of problems, that like a running sore, causes pain that only gets worse. With the stroke of a pen, (not the sword) our President has taken the lives and futures of a million young people who have had to live in the shadows, and brought them into the sun, where they can pursue careers and live productive lives like the rest of us. If that gets him the Latino vote and the Presidency, then he deserves it. We can only hope this is the first step towards Amnesty and the right to stay and work here for the
ten million others that are still hunted.

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