Juan Stays Home

“I am glad juans mom died .

I hope he dies in beanerville.

You too wetback asskisser.”

Here is a comment this blog just received. It is almost poetic, as if these were lines in a play by Jean Genet, perhaps delivered by a small white prisoner, handcuffed in his cell, as he were about to be buggered by a seven foot Bandito.

Only these are not lines in a play. These are real sentences written by a real person. Someone out there so consumed by hate, that he is made happy by the death of “juans mom”, wants Juan to die also (back home in Mexico) and also wishes me to die, though it is not clear on which side of the border he would like me to die.

I kind of like the “wetback asskisser”; the new “nigger lover”. As Sartre pointed out in his book, Anti-Semite and Jew, anti-Semitism is a passion. There is no way to talk to someone like this.“Immigration” blogs are full of this kind of talk, visceral hatred of Mexicans.

The problem in America is not the number of deeply unhappy and or sick people that are out there, whose misery emerges as racism and hatred. The problem is that this dark black cloud of anti-energy turns into momentum for legitimate political groups and parties. Republicans, and some Democrats, political forces that promote wall building along the border, increased police presence along the border and within our own communities, are getting traction, and fuel, and raising money off the backs of this deeply sick and dangerous element among us. That is the problem and has to be taken very, very seriously.

Never forget that Adolph Hitler was elected in a democracy. All our politicians and leaders that are wrapping themselves in the American flag and beating their chests about how tough they are on “illegal immigration” are getting a boost from this dark and dangerous side of our population. Rascists have always been here among us. But for their hatred to manifest itself in the establishment and to create and influence legislation, is truly terrifying.

3 Responses to “Juan Stays Home”
  1. David Ball says:

    Yop. I’m scared. I have not forgotten that Hitler “was elected in a democracy.” (Not quite accurate, but close enough.) The point is: what can we do?

  2. agplatt says:

    It makes me feel sad to read a comment like the one your received. Shocked and sad. I thought the world had moved beyond feelings like that. I especially hoped that the US had. And here you are in an election year.

    • dektol says:

      This is a big country with all kinds of people in it. That is why it is so rich and interesting.
      Some of these people are racists. What
      matters is that they are kept out of office
      and from positions of power. Its safer to have
      them out in the open than hiding under the rocks.

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