The credo of bleakbeauty.com, which was created twelve years ago, includes the words “Is this what we have done with our freedom? Our greatest surviving value is greed”. On July 24 this blog praised NYC as “the finest definition of our Democracy.” One month later, in NYC Occupy Wall Street created a living heart in a park in Lower Manhattan, one of the oldest occupied places in America. Its single biggest target was greed. God Bless Occupy.

“There will be no revolution in America until there is a revolution in the Media.” We have practiced that in our work since being jailed in Albany Georgia with an Nikon F Reflex
forty nine years ago. We have taken cameras into the Texas prison system, New Mexico prison system and Arkansas Department of Corrections, all with the object of creating our own media. We have followed Mexicans across the border and filmed them here and at home.
We are proud to say we have worked with and smuggled Mexican workers into America.

Revolution in the Media? Has this already happened? Is that what I-phones have done?
For a generation our children have discounted traditional media. They see it as a form of irony and entertainment. Has the media already been replaced? Is the media of the future being created right now by blogs and websites? Can we have Truth and Beauty electronically? Why not?

Demands? We have a lifetime of them.

We demand Public Space in order to think and talk to each other. The permeation of the very air we can hardly breath by Corporate Media is no longer tolerable. The constant bombardment by Corporate Media and Advertisements in motels, airports, restaurants and public spaces is no longer tolerable.

Time to pull the plug. They should all go. There is such a thing as public space.
Let’s return it to the public.

We demand the end of harassment of Mexicans and the destruction of their families in America.
We demand the destruction of the prison system as we know it.
We acknowledge that war, all war, is a cancer in our society, and is killing us much
more effectively than anything it does to our socalled enemies.

Our two party system is frozen. But it is the only system we have. An election is coming up in thirteen months. How will Occupy translate into political power? Occupy should be an acid test of electability and honor. Candidates for congress of both parties should support Occupy and appeal for votes on that basis.

Go downtown and join the demonstrations. It’s much more fun than staying home.

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