Juan Stays Home

“I am glad juans mom died . I hope he dies in beanerville. You too wetback asskisser.” Here is a comment this blog just received. It is almost poetic, as if these were lines in a play by Jean Genet, perhaps delivered by a small white prisoner, handcuffed in his cell, as he were about … Continue reading


The credo of bleakbeauty.com, which was created twelve years ago, includes the words “Is this what we have done with our freedom? Our greatest surviving value is greed”. On July 24 this blog praised NYC as “the finest definition of our Democracy.” One month later, in NYC Occupy Wall Street created a living heart in … Read more

“America the beautiful”

The best way to learn anything about America is to talk to someone else. Having breakfast in a diner in Greenport, Long Island, I talked to the cook. After making the eggs, he was outside to wash the windows. The young Latino’s teeth were spaced and crooked, his right arm covered with some fine Aztec … Continue reading