Occupy Thanksgiving 2011

In fifty years of traveling, of talking with, of photographing people I have often wondered “Is America a Country?” The disparity of culture, of wealth, of a people often at odds with each other makes me wonder what is it that unites us, if anything?
Our history is divided between the 16th … Read more


The credo of bleakbeauty.com, which was created twelve years ago, includes the words “Is this what we have done with our freedom? Our greatest surviving value is greed”. On July 24 this blog praised NYC as “the finest definition of our Democracy.” One month later, in NYC Occupy Wall Street created a living heart in … Read more

“Blood in the Streets” – Live Audio

“Blood in the Streets” As Danny Lyon made a brief speech upon receiving the Missouri Honor Medal in Journalism, an award also given that night to David Fanning of Frontline, and previously to Winston Churchill, Walter Cronkite and Christine Amanpour, Lyon paused and drifted from his prepared text called “What is the Truth?” “I just … Continue reading